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Fine weather brings localised interference to terrestrial TV and radio

There is an increased likelihood of TV and radio interference during the next few days, as high pressure remains close to the UK.

Very little can be done about any interference for those currently affected, until weather / atmospheric conditions return to normal. Retuning Freeview may result in the loss of groups of channels, they may not reappear until conditions change, forcing another retune.

(Some viewers may also be experiencing Freeview interference from 4G mobile signals. However, households who have been identified as being at risk from 4G mobile interference should have received a postcard from "at800".)

Radio reception may at times be impacted, with listeners finding they can receive more than the usual stations on FM, for example, but with localised interference from distant transmitters. On DAB, incoming interference from a distant transmitter may cancel out reception from a local transmitter.

While the main BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 services on Freeview are allocated the clearest frequencies for a given area, reception of some of the commercial channels on Freeview may be more susceptible to interference from distant transmitters broadcasting on the same frequencies.

South and East England
In the south and east of England, even the main Freeview channels may be affected, partly due to increasing incoming interference from transmitters in continental Europe helped by the influence of high pressure.

Additional transmitters were brought into service along the coast at digital switchover to improve reception, such as in Great Yarmouth, Clacton and Rouncefell (South Essex) and relays along the south coast were given a signal strength boost. Viewers in these areas who have not changed their aerial since before digital switchover and who find Freeview reception unreliable for lengthy periods, may wish to consult a local aerial installer to check if another transmitter can provide a better signal.

For viewers along the south coast, the Isle of Wight's Rowridge transmitter broadcasts services in both horizontal and vertical polarisation to help mitigate against at least some of the interference that may occur.  More details   

  • Digital UK, the organisation responsible for managing the digital terrestrial TV platform in the UK operates a Freeview Advice line, available on 08456 50 50 50. (Mon - Wed 9am - 8pm, Thurs-Fri 9am - 6pm, Sat 9am - 5pm Sun Closed) 0845 number charges vary from provider to provider, ranging from being inclusive calls on some packages to being significantly more expensive on mobiles. 
  • The information provided on this page is entirely independent of any broadcaster, Freeview or Digital UK and is intended as general advice and cannot replace the knowledge and insight of local aerial specialists, who should be able to advise on options specific to your location if your Freeview reception is unreliable for longer spells of time. Reception should normalise when the high pressure and sunshine comes to an end.


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