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BBC Red Button on Freeview to make way for more YouView channels

Moving soon on Freeview
The BBC Red Button service on Freeview will soon be assigned to a different channel number range in order to allow YouView to take another 100 channel numbers, after a recent consultation by Freeview platform manager Digital UK found all major broadcasters supportive of the move.

As a result, BBC Red Button and any other interactive services that may launch on Freeview will be assigned a channel number between 600-620. Currently, BBC Red Button is operating a service on channels 301 and 302.

Freeview and YouView share the same channel numbering system, with channels 400-599 currently reserved for YouView channels, which can be seen by viewers with BT TV or TalkTalk TV and a YouView box.

The channel range reserved for YouView will soon be expanded to channels 300-599 due to a surge in demand for YouView channel numbers, recently helped by TalkTalk's expansion of its international TV "Boosts". TalkTalk's African TV Boost means the YouView entertainment section has now reached channel 483 (Bukedde 1), with just 17 slots until the sports section starts on channel 501.

Nimux, the operator of the Northern Irish multiplex - co-owned by RTÉ and TG4 - was the only public respondent to oppose the changes, citing the fact that terrestrially delivered services would be left with fewer channels than internet-delivered services via YouView.

Digital UK is contacting the affected channel providers "to confirm the timing and details of the implementation of the changes."

During the next month the BBC Red Button service on Freeview is expanded for additional coverage of summer sports, culminating in the Commonwealth Games, but on the 3rd September - a month after the expanded BBC Red Button service is scheduled to cease -  a Freeview channel reshuffle for children's and news channels is scheduled and a further change to channel numbers co-ordinated on the same day would reduce the impact on viewers.

YouView viewers could see a greater impact, with entertainment services on BT TV and TalkTalk TV being moved to fill the 300-399 channel range, creating more space above channel 400 for future expansion.

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