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BBC Red Button Commonwealth Games service ready to go

The BBC's Commonwealth Games Red Button service has been configured on all digital TV platforms.

The Red Button streams are available either by pressing red on BBC TV channels or by going direct to them in the channel list. The second option facilitates the ability to record the sporting events carried on BBC Red Button.

Here's how the service can be found:
On Sky and Freesat, viewers can browse the different Red Button options between channels 980 and 986, now that BBC RB 0 has launched on channel 980 and BBC RB HD has reappeared on channel 986.

BBC RB HD is providing an HD simulcast of the Commonwealth Games coverage on BBC RB 0. Both BBC RB HD and BBC RB0 are evening and overnight streams only, timesharing their bandwidth with CBBC and CBBC HD. BBC RB1-5 will provide 24/7 coverage of Glasgow 2014.

Freesat Freetime users will be able to access additional streams via the BBC Sport App.

On Virgin Media, BBC RB 0 is now available on channel 990 and BBC RB HD on 996. These channels book-end the BBC Red Button Commonwealth Games section, although Virgin TiVo users can access many more streams via the Connected Red Button.

On Freeview and YouView, Extra Commonwealth Games coverage will appear on channels 301 and 302. BBC RB301 (channel 301) is now an evening and overnight-only service, having had to sacrifice scarce bandwidth to allow BBC Three to go full time for the Games. BBC RB301 is a simulcast of the satellite and cable stream 'BBC RB 0'.

Outside of BBC RB301's evening and overnight broadcast hours, the channel acts as a portal to the BBC's Commonwealth Games coverage. Viewers can press red to access a simple blue button menu of options.

For most viewers, BBC RB302 (a simulcast of the BBC RB1 service on satellite and cable) is available on channel 302. Viewers on minor relay transmitters, who can't get services such as VIVA and Yesterday on Freeview won't be able to access the service, due to the BBC having to take lower-coverage capacity from a commercial operator to facilitate the service.

More information about the BBC Red Button service for the Commonwealth Games is available here.


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