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World Cup woes for ITV Player users

Thursday night's opening action from the World Cup turned into another football-related disaster for ITV when its on-demand service ITV Player failed to keep up with demand from viewers.

Angry viewers flocked to Twitter complaining that they couldn't watch the match via the service. ITV Player later tweeted that they were seeing "unprecedented numbers of users during the game", before tweeting an apology later stating "We're so sorry for the disruption tonight. It wasn't planned and we know it came at a crucial time during the match. Apologies again."

ITV's football coverage has been affected by a number of technical problems in recent years; most famously four years ago when adverts cut into a live match on its HD channel, just as England scored their first World Cup goal in South Africa.

ITV isn't the first broadcaster to suffer from high demand for its internet streams though. Sky's NOW TV failed to cope with demand on the last day of the Premier League in May, leaving many subscribers with no football coverage.

And that wasn't the only problem to concern ITV last night: its studio was pelted by anti-World Cup protestors, resulting in damage to the glass behind the presenters.


  1. Last night was the first time for many, many years that I've gone *anywhere* near ITV, and what a screw-up!

    How are they still holding a licence??

  2. Every channels net service suffers at peak time - but ITV always gets slated more than it's rivals for every little mistake. Sometime deservedly (like switching the French Open to ITV4 a minute before the match was won), but most of the time not.

    Anyone desperate to watch a crucial football game should get themselves to a TV. Simple.


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