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Sony buys CSC Media Group

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) has announced it has acquired free-to-air movie, music and children's channel operator CSC Media for £107 million.

The deal will see SPT control 5 Freeview channels (MovieMix, Movies4Men, True Entertainment, POP, Chart Show TV - the latter two timeshare in local TV coverage areas) and become the number 5 cable / satellite / multichannel player in the UK market in commercial ad views.

Remy Minute, CEO of CSC Media Group, said: ”CSC has grown from a small bouquet channel operator to become one of the leading multi-channel ad-supported TV networks in the UK. This combination with SPT allows us to accelerate our growth trajectory, both internationally and domestically. I very much look forward to working with the team at SPT.”

SPT has a terrestrial TV licence for Sony Movie Channel and its timeshift, which would allow it to broadcast on Freeview in the future. A terrestrial TV licence for a timeshift version of children's channel POP was issued by Ofcom earlier this month, indicating that the new combined group has options to expand its offering on Freeview. Sony Pictures Television began its expansion into the UK free-to-air TV market in 2012, when it acquired free-to-air satellite channels Movies4Men and Men & Movies (now More > Movies) from Dolphin Broadcast Services.

CSC bought by Sony Pictures Television
UK channel brands
(Timeshift channels not included)
Sony Entertainment Television
Sony Movie Channel
POP Girl
Movies 4 Men
Tiny POP
Movie Mix* / More > Movies

True Drama

True Entertainment

True Movies 1

True Movies 2

Chart Show TV

Chart Show Dance


*Movie Mix on Freeview is the same as More > Movies on satellite.
The Vault


  1. £107 million ?!?! I wonder how much it would cost to setup 4 kids channels, a few music channels, and some public domain movie channels?


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