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More of QVC Beauty now streamed to Connected Freeview devices

QVC Beauty's broadcast hours have been revised on Freeview, with more of its hours streamed via the internet to compatible Freeview devices.

The shopping channel's broadcast hours changed on Monday lunchtime as BBC Red Button 302 took over the bandwidth. The extra Red Button channel will provide extra coverage of Wimbledon from 23rd June, followed by coverage of Glastonbury and the Commonwealth Games through until 3rd August 2014.

Meanwhile, QVC Beauty will now broadcast terrestrially (through your aerial) for 8 hours between 5am and 1pm, instead of the old hours of 8am to 10pm, using a different portion of Freeview bandwidth. During the afternoons, evenings and overnight QVC Beauty is delivered to channel 35 as an internet stream, powered by Arqiva's Connect TV service.

Viewers with modern Freeview HD devices that support the streamed channel services found on channel 225 onward can access QVC Beauty from 1pm to 5am, along with QVC Style and QVC Extra - available 24/7 - via the red button on Freeview channel 35, which connects to the internet streams of the channels.

A preferably unlimited broadband service with at least 2.5 Mbps download speed provides viewers with the most optimum experience.

Compatible devices that are connected to the internet show a red button prompt on channel 35 in the top right of the screen.

Viewers with a YouView box cannot access the streamed service, so can only receive QVC Beauty during its regular terrestrial broadcast hours.

Connect TV: Compatible devices   
Freeview Channel Updates: June 2014 


  1. QVC really should put the Connected Red Button on 16 so with internet connected from one place - QVC Beauty, Style and Extra are all streamed 24/7


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