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Local TV licence holder turns to audience to name the new channel

The licence holder for York's new local TV channel is searching for name for the channel, launching next year on Freeview channel 8.

Aimed at those who live in the channel's coverage area, the competition to name the channel is open until 5pm on the 27th June 2014. Ideas can be submitted via the competition page at www.myyorkchannel.com or via Twitter using the hashtag #myyorkchannel and mentioning @myyourchannel in the tweet.

The competition has already seen social media users submit not just names but also logos for the channel.

Proposed coverage area for the new channel (source: Ofcom)
The channel says it intends "to give the individual or company behind the chosen name £1,000 and the opportunity to work with our creative team to bring the brand to life. For everybody else, we hope it is the first of many opportunities to help shape the local television channel you want to see."

A panel of judges from the consortium that won the licence will decide on a winner.


  1. £1000 - that's probably half the programme budget.


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