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Freesat moves Travel Channel and Food Network

Freesat has moved the two Scripps Networks channels on its service to a new location further up the channel list.

Travel Channel and Food Network have been moved out of the lifestyle section in the 400s to slots at the end of the entertainment section.

Food Network has moved from channel 403 to channel 149. Its +1 channel is on 151.

Travel Channel has moved from channel 405 to 150.

The changes bring Freesat in line with other digital platforms that have placed these channels closer to entertainment channels.

Further down the channel list, Zing has moved from the music to the international part of the channel line-up, and can now be found on channel 663.

Freesat receivers should update automatically, although older Humax receivers may not update until overnight tonight. Viewers who encounter difficulties can try putting their receiver into standby for 30 seconds to update the TV guide.

Freesat channel list  


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