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DAB launch timescales outlined for Lincolnshire, North Wales, North Yorkshire and Somerset

bandscan:uk DAB update

Local DAB digital radio multiplex operator MuxCo has provided an update on its plans to launch another batch of local DAB multiplexes in the coming year.

MuxCo is planning to bring local radio to the DAB platform in Somerset, North Wales, North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, with the following launch timeframes:

Launch timeframe
Late summer 2014
North Wales / North Yorkshire
End of 2014
After a busy 2013, which was full of local DAB multiplex launches, it's been a quiet 2014 so far with regards local DAB roll-out.

MuxCo's Creative Director Matt Deegan has written about the delays on his MuxCo blog: "As you may be aware, commercial radio, the BBC, Ofcom and Government have been working together on the roll-out of hundreds of new local transmitters. We’ve also had changes as the regional multiplexes have been discontinued. Collectively all of this work has meant that the new launches have had to change quite a lot of their transmitter plans, which has a knock-on – generally positive – to the coverage and the cost and… well… taken together it just means a bit more work for everyone."

He warned that "things do change – sometimes in our control and sometimes out of control. Millions of pounds of gear need to be attached to structures, lots of telecom lines need to be put in, there’s huge amounts of actual physical engineering, so launch dates do change! These are indicative and what collectively hundreds of people are working to!"

Further details about the multiplexes, including transmitter sites and station line-ups are yet to be confirmed.

The Arrow
DAB rock station The Arrow is advising listeners in London that they will need to rescan their DAB radio on 24th June to continue listening. No further details behind the move are known at present.


  1. North Yorkshire is also scheduled for end of 2014.

  2. Many thanks. The article has now been amended.


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