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BBC Red Button to provide up to five SD streams between 23rd June and 6th July

The BBC has confirmed that it will be running an expanded Red Button service between 23rd June and 6th July 2014 covering events including Wimbledon and Glastonbury. 

The expanded service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during this time.

Update: On the 18th June 2014, the BBC confirmed further details regarding the expanded BBC Red Button service for summer 2014. You can see the finalised plans here  


  1. I know you dont have any extra info as yet but do you have the link to the BBC website for the page with this announcement please?

  2. Hello. The links are embedded in the text, e.g. clicking on "Freeview and YouView" will take you to the appropriate BBC page.

  3. Already a first update: since this was published at 20:44, the BBC information regarding Freeview has changed from "five standard definition streams" to "some standard definition streams". The wording in the above article has been amended to reflect this change.

    Please do check back as more information is provided.

    The time the article was last updated will appear in the footer of the article.

  4. Thank you I didnt know that those links would go to the BBC announcement page on this.

  5. Im glad the BBC have seen sense this year and given us a good choice of streams for Wimbledon too, last year was very poor choice even on satellite!

  6. I suspect the five includes BBC1 and BBC2 - IIRC last year they offered three extra SD streams on satellite so that gives you "up to 5".

  7. @ Brekkie the BBC have been seen testing 4 extra SD streams on a new transponder 11.464 H 22000 5/6.
    If you have a sat receiver, even a Sky one you can manually tune that in and see all 5 SD red button streams although the first one is a duplicate of the normal one on 10773 H 22000 5/6.
    So the 5 streams will be in addition to BBC 1 and BBC 2!


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