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Another Pirate in Cornwall, Another Jack on DAB

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In Cornwall, UKRD have announced they are ending the DAB digital radio simulcast of Pirate FM and launching a new, sister station in its place. Pirate 2 will broadcast niche local content at certain times of the day, according to reports.

Changes in London
XFM, The Arrow and LBC News have been shuffled around on to new frequencies in London, meaning listeners to these stations have had to retune and reset their presets.  The changes occurred on 24th June. 

Stereo station XFM has moved from the London 2 to London 1 multiplex, freeing up enough bandwidth on London 2 for two mono stations: The Arrow and LBC News. The Arrow has moved from London 3 to London 2; LBC News moved from London 1. All three stations are operated by Global Radio, who through this change have given up a slot on the London 3 multiplex.

Another area to be Jack'd
Another area is set to get Jack FM - on DAB digital radio. Ofcom has given the green light of approval for Jack FM Buckinghamshire to launch shortly on the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire local DAB multiplex. As that local DAB multiplex is linked with the Northamptonshire local DAB multiplex, Northamptonshire listeners will also get the station, giving it coverage from Corby to North London.  

Jack FM Hertfordshire changed its name to Bob FM earlier this year because of the plans to launch another Jack FM on DAB in its coverage area.

Temporary station in Scotland
Gaydio has announced that it will broadcast on the Central Scotland DAB multiplex from Monday 14th July to Sunday 31st August 2014. 

DAB multiplex news
The line-up for Derbyshire's forthcoming local DAB multiplex has been announced. A multiplex variation request submitted to Ofcom reveals there are currently five stations in the launch line-up. East Midlands regional station Smooth Radio is currently absent from the list, but could be added later.

The BBC announced that its 250th DAB transmitter has been switched on. The broadcaster recently switched on another seven DAB transmitters in locations including Slapton in Devon and Dolgellau in North West Wales. The new DAB transmitter in Sudbury, Suffolk is the highest powered of the latest sites. The Sudbury DAB transmitter improves coverage for 55,000 households across Suffolk and brings coverage to a further 11,000 in the town of Sudbury.


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