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Al Jazeera confirms major technical problems

Al Jazeera has confirmed that major technical problems, understood to have started nearly five days ago, have been affecting their international news service, which has resulted in the reduction of news programming and the cancellation of some shows.

In a message from the broadcaster's public relations team, Al Jazeera states that, as a result, "there are fewer news videos on, YouTube and on our apps. Most programmes, including documentaries and talkshows, are unaffected though.

"We are working around the clock to fix the issue, and have actioned a recovery plan that has made sure we’ve stayed on air during this problem. We are sorry about the situation and will advise when normal service has been resumed."

The exact nature of problems have not been disclosed, but appear to be severe. The problems are understood to have started late in the evening on Monday 2nd June (UK time). The majority of news output has been transferred from Al Jazeera HQ in Doha to their London base since Tuesday morning. Various Al Jazeera staff have referenced the technical problems on Twitter throughout the past week.

Notably, the daily Inside Story current affairs programme has been affected, as was one edition of Al Jazeera's social media programme The Stream . Extra pre-recorded programmes have been added to the schedule, notably replacing Al Jazeera's Newshour.

In the UK, Al Jazeera English is available on Freeview (terrestrial) channel 83, and in some areas in HD on channel 108. On satellite, Al Jazeera can be found on Freesat channel 203 or Sky channel 514. On cable, the channel can be accessed on Virgin Media channel 622.


  1. a516digital understands that regular service is resuming, with the transfer of news presentation back to Doha, after being anchored from London since last Tuesday.


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