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The Bonanza is over for Freeview viewers

Bonanza Bonanza has ended its service on Freeview channel 64 today. The channel, which showcased older US series from the 1950s and 60s, was a temporary service broadcast on the local TV multiplex across selected parts of the UK.

The channel was operated by Canis Media, on behalf of the local TV multiplex operator Comux. Viewers who were able to receive the channel on Freeview are in areas either already covered by a local TV service or will be later this year.

Bonanza Bonanza filled empty bandwidth in preparation for the launch of commercial services. The local TV multiplex is designed to carry the local TV service relevant to each area, plus two "quasi-national" channels.

Where can extra channels be received from the local TV multiplex?
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  1. I am sorry to see it go: I really enjoyed those old Sherlock Holmes (Ronald Howard) and Dragnet episodes!

    I think we should have more vintage TV on Freeview.

  2. Its very sad that this channel(Bonanza) had to close down.If the owners of the Channel are commercially smart they should bring it back on TV.This Vintage TV at its best.It will become more popular if its made to be on Freeview. Please bring it back! :(

  3. Please bring this back. It was much better than all those repeats of recent shows the other channels go in for. I would like to have seen more of the Sherlock Holmes and Dragnet series.

  4. Really disappointed to read that BonanzaBonanza is finished! The content was refreshing compared to all the other channels on TV and BB will be sadly missed, I liked the basic format of substance over style compared to Quest....which is constantly blowing it's own trumpet.

    Please bring back BONANZABONANZA !!!!!!!

  5. You can still watch some of the stuff that was on Bonanza for free at

    (yes it's legal)

  6. This was the best channel,the most nostalgic and interesting to open on free view in recent times if not ever.
    I hope someone has a change of heart and restores this channel with its content very soon.
    Much missed.


  7. Well that was an unpleasant surprise, BB was a breath of fresh air. And it's being replaced by local TV?! Seriously BBC struggle to fill half an hour of local content per day, does anyone want more than that?

  8. Bonanza Bonanza was holding one of the slots reserved for "quasi national" services to be broadcast alongside local TV; it hasn't been replaced by local TV.

  9. Great little channel , shame its gone

  10. Heard a rumour it's coming back.....

  11. Bonanza Bonanza is back on satellite for a while at least, but would be great to have it back on freeview with vintage tv that is rarely if ever shown on main stream tv. Great classics like Beverly Hillbillies, Flash Gordon, Sherlock Holmes and they could add hundreds more like Rifleman, original Twilight Zone, One step Beyond, Have Gun will Travel. etc. Pity though I doubt this will not happen even though there is a substantial pool of audience out there for this sort of tv..


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