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Scottish and Welsh local TV channels given Freeview channel boost

Local TV's position on the Freeview channel list has been given a boost in Scotland and Wales where services will now launch on channel 23.

The new channels, serving locations including Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow are taking the channel number previously used by shopping channel bid tv until it went off-air last month. The channel number promotion was confirmed by local TV multiplex operator Comux today.

The first channel to benefit from the boost is STV Glasgow,  launching on 2nd June with a 12 hour-a-day schedule of programmes for viewers receiving their TV signal from the Black Hill transmitter. It had previously been planning to launch on Freeview channel 26, a channel number that will now be available for a national, commercial channel on Freeview.

Local TV in England and Northern Ireland is assigned channel 8. Channel 8 is already in use in Scotland for BBC Alba and in Wales for Channel 4, because S4C holds the position of fourth channel in Wales. Scottish and Welsh local channels were therefore initially assigned  channel 45, before being gradually promoted as channels on higher ranking numbers closed.


  1. ITV and Quest are seemingly going to also benefit from the sit-up channels closing:
    23 Local TV in Scotland & Wales
    26 ITV2+1
    27 ITV3+1
    33 ITV+1
    34 ITV4+1/ITV Be
    37 Quest
    38 Quest +1
    54 Vacant
    57 Vacant
    58 & 59 BT Sport vacant after 30th June?

  2. A possible line-up! I would have thought ITVBe might be promoted further up the list though! BT Sport 1 and 2's finish date on DTT is still not confirmed - although there won't be many BT TV subscribers still able to watch via DTT come 1st July, as more viewers are pushed to YouView and as BT Infinity rolls out into more places. It appears there there's a slot suitable for BT to broadcast selected Champions League/Europa League matches on Freeview from 2015 for two weeknights every other week - Canis Media is searching for a broadcaster that wants the slot at all the other times - whether the existing BT Sport service continues until then remains to be seen.


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