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S4C goes UK wide on TVPlayer

S4C launches today on TVPlayer, making the national television channel for Wales, available to a wider audience throughout the UK.

TVPlayer has managed to reach a million users since its official launch at the beginning of the year.

The addition of S4C brings the number of TV channels on the TVPlayer platform to thirty-five. S4C is available from today in the Entertainment Pack together with channels from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. S4C is one of a series of new channels joining TVPlayer this summer.
S4C is the only Welsh language channel in the world providing a mix of entertainment, drama, sport, factual and cultural programming across a variety of platforms, including specific services for children and younger viewers. The channel has gained recognition for highly acclaimed dramas, including the talked about detective series Y Gwyll / Hinterland - broadcast first on S4C in autumn 2013 and is currently being shown on BBC Four. Their current thrilling mystery drama series, 35 Diwrnod (35 Days) has also received wide praise.

Elin Morris, S4C Director of Corporate and Commercial Policy, says, "TVPlayer offers a new way of accessing the Channel and the app gives people the freedom to watch on a wide variety of mobile devices. This provides an additional way for audiences to find and enjoy S4C’s content."

Lewis Arthur, Platform Manager for TVPlayer, says, "We are excited to bring S4C onto our platform. TVPlayer increases channel reach via multiplatform viewing opportunities across web, mobile and tablet."


  1. Well it's already nationwide on Sky and the S4C website, so not really expanding to a wider audience.

  2. True, but for users of TVPlayer who might not have specifically searched out the S4C website, it's handy and being made available to a wider audience by virtue of being offered up in more places.

    S4C's on-demand content is additionally available on YouView, so the channel's programmes are really starting to be seen in more places outside of Wales.

  3. I think S4C should be on BBC iPlayer.


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