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Ofcom approves requests to add local TalkSPORT versions on DAB

Local versions of national commercial station TalkSPORT can now be launched on DAB digital radio, following Ofcom approval.

DAB multiplex operator Switchdigital has been given the green light to add the Scottish version of TalkSPORT on its Aberdeen and Central Scotland multiplexes. The London version of TalkSPORT is permitted to join the London 2 DAB multiplex. A multiplex variation request for TalkSPORT is also understood to be pending for the Ayr multiplex.

As outlined in the multiplex variation requests - which have to be submitted to Ofcom if services are added, removed or changed on DAB digital multiplexes - the opt-out services will broadcast in mono and at a bitrate of 64kbps.

The existing national version of TalkSPORT on the national Digital One multiplex is unaffected, with listeners in Aberdeen, Central Scotland and London soon able to choose which version of TalkSPORT they want to listen to on DAB.

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