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No TV for Footy Fans following streaming service fiasco

For footy fans, Now TV became No TV on Sunday
Sky's Now TV internet streaming service failed to keep up with demand on the last day of the 2013/14 Premier League.

Viewers flocked to social media and Now TV's own community forums that they were receiving error messages, or interruptions to the stream they were watching.

Some viewers remained unaffected and were able to see Manchester City crowned Premier League Champions on Sky Sports.

By late afternoon - once the action from the Premier League had finished - Now TV announced that the service, which also includes entertainment and movie channels, was "back up and running".

Now TV charges viewers £9.99 for a day's worth of Sky Sports, and is a popular choice for Freeview viewers, who only occasionally want access to Sky's premium sports offering. The service is available on a number of platforms, including games consoles, LG smart TVs, Roku and the budget Now TV box.

Now TV is offering affected viewers a refund or replacement day pass, but given the hostile response across the internet, it's unlikely any remedy will please football fans who missed out - but a painful lesson to Sky to have the sufficient infrastructure to support surges in demand.

Sky Go - a streaming service for Sky TV subscribers, was also affected by the problems.

Update: Sky has issued the following statement regarding Sky Go:

"We apologise unreservedly for the issue on Sunday 11 May that meant some customers were unable to watch the end of the Premier League season on Sky Go.  As football fans ourselves, we recognise that what happened was completely unacceptable and we’re working to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.  We're still investigating the root cause of the issue and we'll provide an update when the investigation is complete. "


  1. Wasnt just affecting sports. Entertainment and movies channels also affected.

  2. Also happened a few weeks ago, and again previous that.

  3. This happens quite regularly on the entertainment channels. Game of Thrones is affected quite bait and I have a 100mbps fibre connection!

  4. I Had Problems With Buffering and
    Freezing problems On Sky Movies So I
    Cancelled, I Have No Problems With
    BBC I Player Or Other Catch Up Services.

  5. Only happened once with me for Game of Thrones but at least with that you can just catch up on replay or source it elsewhere. Not so possible with the climax of the Premiership season, and I don't think a refund or replacement pass is enough compensation for missing the crucial moment. 3-5 free passes would be more appropriate.


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