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More Freeview slots up for grabs

EPG brokerage company Canis Media is offering several opportunities for broadcasters wishing to join Freeview.

It is offering a slot for broadcasters wanting to try out Freeview carriage in the Manchester area, following the move of Movies4Men from a Manchester only slot to a nationwide slot last month. The slot is on the Manchester Television Network, Manchester's second local multiplex - originally used for now-defunct Channel M.

Another slot is available nationwide from January 2015 through to 2018/19. However, the slot (but not the channel number) will be shared by another broadcaster between 6pm and 11pm for two weeknights every other week.

Finally, for anyone wanting to buy Sit-up Ltd, the owner of bid and price drop - now in administration, Canis Media is offering channels 23 and 37, which have been vacant since 25th April 2014, but need to be occupied soon in order to comply with channel number allocation rules.

Channel number allocations on Freeview are the responsibility of Digital UK, who do permit a company to "cease to make a channel available on an [channel number] for a limited period of time without that channel being considered to have been removed from the platform and its [channel number] withdrawn provided that the channel provider:
 (i) Notifies Digital UK in writing, prior to the temporary withdrawal, of its intentions to make that channel available again within a period of 12 weeks from the point of temporary withdrawal of audio-visual content, and
(ii) Ensures that the channel is available again within such period. "

Should any new service be deemed as a "new channel", it is liable to be demoted down the channel list.

Interested broadcasters are being invited to contact Canis Media.


  1. My guess is that BT has got the nationwide slot from 6pm to 11pm for two weeknights every other week for its Champions League and Europa League coverage.

    If it is BT, this could be one of the slots currently used for BT Sport - perhaps we'll see the long-awaited removal of BT Sport 1 & 2 from DTT by next January?

    I wonder if BT is going to make it's Champions League/Europa League games available on DTT on a PPV basis?

  2. Hello.

    I agree that BT is the likely benefactor. However, last year they also confirmed that they will show a selection of games on a free-to-air basis, and such a window on Freeview will enable them to do this ...and promote highlights from the rest of BT Sport's output to non-subscribers.

  3. Thought BT Were Going To End On Freeview, And Concentrate More On
    BT Sports On Bt Infinity

  4. They are migrating more of their subscribers across to delivery via Infinity.

    This would be different to broadcasting two subscription channels though. Essentially, a pop-up BT Sport channel for a limited selection of Champions League/Europa League free-to-air games that you might have seen on ITV or ITV4 in the past.

    But - this is currently speculation in absence of any confirmed announcement from BT.

    The slot in question runs from Jan 2015 to 2018/19, so conveniently includes the seasons that BT has the rights for and has promised free-to-air coverage.

    There's not much else that could want a Freeview slot for such limited time periods.

  5. BT Champions League freebies makes sense - but surely makes the slot very unattractive to any respectable channel. Could only see it working for a red button style pop-up channel or another bloody shopping channel - but will be very odd for it to drop out at seemingly random intervals.

  6. Alternatively, three channels for one slot:
    1) between 6am and 6pm.
    2) between 6pm and 11pm and switched off for a couple of nights a fortnight.
    3) between 11pm and 5:30/6am or on from 6pm most nights.


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