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Local TV launches in Nottingham

The UK's fourth new local TV channel launched this afternoon in a major boost to the media industry in a city that used to provide many of ITV's best loved shows.

Nottingham's new station Notts TV launched on Freeview channel 8 at 4pm. The launch follows the roll-out of local TV on Freeview in Grimsby, Norwich and London in the past few months. The launch on Nottingham's cable TV network has been delayed until 29th May, according to a tweet from Virgin Media. (Details of how and where to get Notts TV can be found further down the page.)

Highlights of the first day include a special programme celebrating the 30th anniversity of Nottingham's Torvill and Dean's Bolero performance and a special remembering when Forest won the European Cup. In the present, the Channel 8 Debate is a new weekly discussion show allowing members of the public to quiz local decision makers on the issues of the day.

Notts TV was confirmed by broadcast regulator Ofcom as the winner of the licence to operate local TV in Nottingham on the 22nd November 2012, after an initial decision to award Notts TV the licence in October 2012 had to be reconsidered by Ofcom.

In awarding the licence to Notts TV, Ofcom's Broadcast Licencing Committee explained that Notts TV had won against a rival bid by "Television Nottingham", because it offered a "greater range" of programming than the rival bid. It thought the integration with the local newspaper "would benefit Notts TV's proposed service editorially."

The launch of Notts TV comes ten years after it was announced that ITV's studios at Lenton Lane, once home to popular shows including Blockbusters, Boon, Family Fortunes and the briefly resurrected soap Crossroads would close. In 2005, ITV's regional news service for the East Midlands moved to Birmingham, leaving just the BBC regularly broadcasting programmes from the City until today.

The consortium running Notts TV is the Nottingham Post, Nottingham Trent University, Confetti Media Group and Inclusive Digital.

Freeview and YouView
The channel is available on Freeview channel 8.

The map below indicates where reception is likely. Notts TV is broadcast from both the Nottingham transmitter (near M1, Junction 26) and Waltham transmitter (near Melton Mowbray).

The coverage area attached to Nottingham's local TV licence area includes much of southern Lincolnshire, but Notts TV is editorially focused on Nottingham. Not all viewers who can receive Freeview from Waltham are covered by the Notts TV signal.

Source: Ofcom. Click to enlarge.

Viewers can check local TV coverage on the official Local TV coverage checker.

Official retuning information is available from Digital UK.

For viewers who can manually retune their Freeview TV or box, the UHF channel numbers (not to be confused with Freeview channel numbers) are:
Nottingham - 50 (706 MHz)
Waltham - 26 (514 MHz)
You'll find Notts TV, POP! and Chart Show TV together on the local TV multiplex, broadcast on those UHF channel numbers / frequencies.

Virgin Media
In Nottingham's Virgin Media cable network (which covers parts of the county as well as the city), the channel can be accessed on channel 159 from 29/05/2014.

Notts TV is not being distributed on satellite at the current time.


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