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Freesat Freetime to be available on new Manhattan receivers

Freesat has confirmed that its Freetime platform will soon be available on a new line of satellite receivers manufactured by Manhattan.

The move will see consumers able to choose between Humax or Manhattan Freetime receivers, in addition to TVs from Panasonic and Vestel that will soon also carry the Freetime service. The new Manhattan boxes will be available from all major electrical retailers.

Owners of the new Manhattan Freetime range will, according to Freesat, be able to use Freetime to roll back the TV guide for the past seven days, access all the major On Demand services including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, and Demand 5, and watch Showcase, Freesat’s programme recommendation service in addition to the near 200 TV and radio services available via free-to-air satellite. Freetime also includes the BBC Sport App, through which viewers can watch extra coverage of major sports events.

Freesat has also confirmed that its mobile companion app will also work in conjunction with the Manhattan Freetime boxes, "offering the ability to plan, record and manage programmes to watch and directly control the TV."

Emma Scott, Freesat’s Managing Director, commented: “We’re delighted to confirm that we are working with another Freetime manufacturing partner, following the recent Freetime announcements with Panasonic and Vestel. Having worked with Manhattan for five years now, they are an important partner for us and it’s great to see our Freetime service proving so popular amongst both industry and consumers alike.”

Abbas Arbab-Zadeh, Chairman and CEO at Manhattan Technology Ltd, commented: “Freesat’s Freetime technology provides a world class TV experience, with access to a roll back guide and multitude of On Demand services, so we’re delighted to confirm this news today. Freetime puts Manhattan at the cutting edge of the UK television industry and we look forward to releasing a full range of high-performance Freetime receivers and recorders, all with integrated Wi-Fi. ”


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