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BBC confirms Eurovision radio station reception details

The BBC has confirmed technical details for listeners wanting to tune into next week's temporary Eurovision "pop-up" station and how it will affect other BBC DAB digital radio stations.

BBC Radio 2 Eurovision will broadcast from Thursday 8th May through to Sunday 11th May between 12 noon and midnight, except on Saturday 10th, when it will broadcast from 10am through until 1am. It will offer enhanced coverage of the Eurovision Song Content including live coverage of the second Semi Final together with a host of live and archive programmes.

According to the BBC, "the station offers an opportunity to exploit the BBC archive, unearthing songs and documentaries on the subject of Eurovision that haven’t been heard for a long time."

The station will only be available on DAB digital radio, online and via selected mobile devices.

It will not be available as an on-demand service.

DAB digital radio
Radio 2 Eurovision will appear in the station list between Radio 2 and Radio 3 on a DAB digital radio. Some radios will automatically add the station when tuned to another BBC National Radio station on DAB. Depending on the type of radio used, the display name will either be "BBC R2Eur" or "BBC R2Eurovision". The station will broadcast in mono.

The station will be streamed at or via the RadioPlayer at - UK only.

The BBC will make the station available for smartphones (except Blackberry) via the BBC iPlayer Radio app. The BBC is reminding potential listeners via mobile of high data costs (depending on your tariff) if listening via a mobile phone network as opposed to via a home wi-fi hotspot.

How the service will affect other DAB digital radio services?
Due to limited bandwidth on the BBC's national DAB digital radio multiplex, other BBC services will be affected for the duration of the pop-up station:

Reduced bitrate on other BBC stations
During Radio 2 Eurovision's broadcast hours, BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music's bitrates will be reduced from 128 kbps to 112 kbps joint stereo.

BBC Radio 4 LW programmes on DAB (Secondary Component)
The BBC says that "some listeners will discover that the Daily Service and Yesterday in Parliament are not available on DAB" during Radio 2 Eurovision's transmission days.

Affected listeners are being redirected to BBC Radio 4 LW's transmissions on 198 kHz, Freesat channel 710, Sky channel 0143 or Virgin Media channel 911. Transmitter work currently taking place at Droitwich affecting reception on 198 kHz is not scheduled to take place during the hours when Yesterday in Parliament and the Daily Service are broadcast.

DAB EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
The BBC's Electronic Programme Guide on DAB will be suspended after Wednesday 7th May until Monday 12th May. The BBC says: "as this is a 7-day guide, the majority of DAB EPG enabled receivers should retain the EPG (if they were updated before 7th May). We apologise to any listeners who may not have been able to update their guide."


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