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Older Samsung TVs switched off by Channel 4 data

Older Samsung TVs have been hit by a data stream being broadcast by Channel 4+1 and E4 on Freeview.

The fault caused pre-2010 models to switch off when Channel 4+1 or E4's Freeview channels were selected. Following complaints from viewers, Channel 4 has suspended the data service that caused the problem. According to Broadcast, Samsung has told customers that the fault was "due to C4 changing the format in which it broadcasts digital text".

Digital Text on ITV and Channel 4 closed down in January 2013. The service consisted mostly of horse racing adverts, and was a shell of the former public teletext service that had been transmitted alongside the Channel 4 signal until the end of 2009.

However, in recent weeks a new data stream - purpose unknown - had been spotted attached to Channel 4+1* and E4's Freeview broadcast streams. Why only certain models were affected remains undisclosed. A software update is being prepared to resolve the problem, which will allow Channel 4 to resume transmission of the data.

Last year, "rogue data" associated with Sky's Freeview channels caused a number of PVRs from various brands, including Sony, to cease working properly.

*technical details of the data stream believed to be the cause of the trouble: PID 2200 (0x0898)


  1. It could be some new use for MHEG-IC. Presumably complaints would have increased when the data stream was attached to E4, having originally been attached to C4+1 only.

  2. Quite possible.

    And if someone does know what the data stream is for, do let us know :)

    I've added the detail of the data stream to the foot of the article for reference purposes, for anyone who is interested.

  3. Channel 4 also have data streams attached to their channels on both Arqiva multiplexes and those data streams are also for the Connect TV IPTV channels. Odd though that, other than 4Music, they don't seem to have added any further IPTV channels.

    Also odd that the Arqiva data streams haven't caused similar problems. Maybe due to Arqiva having more experience with this type of data than Digital 3 & 4.

  4. Since this article was published, Broadcast are quoting C4's chief technology officer that the data was "non customer facing", so certainly not digital text as we viewers know it.

  5. Has this been resolved? I've just connected an aerial to a TV bought about 6 months ago and am experiencing the exact same problems. Previously used on Freesat with no problems.


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