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New service targeting Caribbean audience to be showcased on Sky and Freesat

British viewers will be able to get a slice of Caribbean culture when a new service launches via Showcase 2's channel number on Sky and Freesat.

JamTV, from the Caribbean Media House, launches this weekend, and will broadcast every Saturday and Sunday from 5pm on Sky channel 192 and Freesat channel 402.

Features scheduled to air on the station include a Caribbean news roundup, children’s storytelling, school quiz programmes, talent competitions, cooking, religious and comedy shows, and travel guides, which, according to the broadcaster will be "showcasing the beauty of the Caribbean as well as the spirit of its people."

Ricardo Allen, CEO at Caribbean Media House, said: “Currently, there is no authentic programming direct from the Caribbean available to the UK, and that is a situation JamTV is here to correct. Black culture here in the UK tends to focus on the harder edged urban youth market that can be off putting and overlook the needs of other sections of the community."

Fellow CEO, Lillian Allen added: “We want to build a channel that caters to the whole family, with programmes that everyone here can relate to, same as they do back home in the Caribbean, where you don’t have to spend time worrying what the kids are watching on their computers and tablets, because they’re right there with you watching the family channel.”

Showcase 2, operated by Information TV,  is a well known starting block for new and emerging broadcasters, who can acquire airtime on the channel to launch so-called "micro-channels".

JamTV's launch comes as another former micro-channel on Showcase prepares to go formally launch this week. Irish TV is planning to launch a 24 hour service aimed at the Irish diaspora in North America and across Europe that will be launched on May 1st on Freesat, Sky and the USA's Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The channel takes over Showcase TV's slot and is scheduled to air a formal two hour launch programme at 8pm on Thursday 1st May.


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