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Movies4Men goes nationwide on Freeview

Movie channel Movies4Men has gone nationwide on Freeview channel 48 today.

To mark the nationwide roll-out on Freeview, the channel's operator released the following statement:

"We're pleased to announce that Movies4Men, the film channel dedicated to supplying quality, non-stop entertainment for the male audience, is set to make the move to UK Freeview channel 48 from April 1.

"Previously only available on Freeview in the Manchester area, the channel’s expansion nationwide means that film fans up and down the country will have the opportunity to enjoy films such as Saints and Soldiers, Man About Town, Fort Apache and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon."

In Manchester, the Movies4Men service on channel 51 advises viewers to watch on channel 48. Some Freeview viewers will need to retune to get the channel.

Movies4Men+1 has moved in Manchester only to channel 50. Channel 52 is now blank.

It's not known what will fill the vacated Freeview capacity in Manchester following the changes, but a number of channels, including Movie4Men's sister channel Sony Movie Channel,  have recently acquired terrestrial broadcast licences from Ofcom.


  1. Great News, Looks Like Things Are Really Improving For Freeview Viewers

  2. So with 4 movie channels it can easily be justified introducing genres now - and getting shopping channels out of the mix. Films in the 40s, sport in the 50s and shopping in the 60s, with news in the 80s and kids moving to the 90s makes sense to me.

    1. Children's and news channels are due to move to ch. 121-150 later this year.

  3. Fantastic news, Moveies4Men show a good variety of movies and in the morning some old classic westerns from the thirties and forties that we rarely if ever see on mainstream telly. Would be great if CBS Action was to make it to freeview.