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ITV and Channel 4 confirm objections to BBC One+1

ITV and Channel 4 have hit out against the BBC's plans to launch a timeshift version of BBC One next year in the latest parliamentary session reviewing the future of the BBC.

BBC One+1 is due to replace BBC Three next year, subject to BBC Trust approval. The intention to create BBC One+1 was first announced last Autumn by the BBC's Director General Tony Hall.

Speaking at yesterday morning's meeting of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, ITV's Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Magnus Brook told MPs that "BBC One+1 is a good example of the BBC chasing share by effectively saying we’re going to repeat a channel an hour later, as opposed to taking that money and investing it original content."

With reference to the BBC Three closure announcement, he said "The other curious thing we observed about it is the justification that was given for the launch of BBC One+1 was that it was what young people expected.

"Then six months later, the closure of BBC Three was justified on the basis that young people want their services on-demand and they’re all moving online. We struggle slightly to reconcile those two elements."

Also attending the session was Channel 4's chief marketing and communications officer, Dan Brooke. He confirmed that Channel 4 supported the closure of BBC Three, but opposed the proposed BBC One timeshift channel stating "It would seem to be offering very little new to viewers at a cost that could be spent on creating new programming.

He called for the BBC to undertake a commercial impact assessment as part of their proposals.

The BBC Trust will be reviewing the proposed changes to BBC TV services later this year.

Recorded coverage of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Hearing from 08/04/2014
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  1. "It would seem to be offering very little new to viewers at a cost that could be spent on creating new programming."

    Deep, deep irony coming from the main purveyors of the +1 genre.

  2. Channel 4 and ITV should put their own house in order before criticising others.
    Their alternative channels - E4, More4, Film4 and ITV 2,3 and 4 do not have HD services available to terrestrial viewers. (Freeview and Freesat)These services are on the SKY pay TV platform, why is this?

    1. They are commercial so can do what they want to raise more money - +1's evidently do that. The BBC is not supposed to be "ratings driven" but offer value to license fee payers.

  3. That's ridiculous, they are lobbying to have less choice for the viewer, I want a BBC ONE+1 because it seems out of place that they don't have one and yet ITV & Channel 4 channels do, to find they are sticking their nose in and attempting to thwart the BBC really gets me annoyed, it's got nothing to do with them. BBC ONE has long been due a +1 of its own, we also need one on BBC TWO.