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Freesat launches HD genre on EPG

Freesat has today announced the introduction of a new HD genre in its Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), which will help viewers find programmes and channels in HD.

Freesat advises that "if you have got a Freetime box, select 'list' on your remote control when you're in the TV Guide to see the list of channel genres.If you don't have a Freetime box, you'll see 'HD' included in the list of categories when you open the TV Guide."

There are 11 HD channels currently available on Freesat. They are: BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, CBBC HD, CBeebies HD, itv HD (or STV HD/UTV HD), Channel 4 HD, RT HD and NHK World HD.


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