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Vision TV Network moves service off Connected Freeview

All Vision TV Network language services are being withdrawn from Freeview on 3rd April 2014, marking an end to the service that first launched in February 2012.

a516digital reported on Wednesday that the TeleFrance packet was closing, following the appearance of an on-screen announcement. Now, all other services from Vision TV Network have confirmed they are closing in early April.
An announcement by Vision TV Network states "Our current contract with the broadcast provider is coming to an end and unfortunately, we have not been able to agree new terms which are commercially viable."

Vision TV Network provided access to a range of free and subscription channels from around the world via portals for viewers with connected Freeview devices on channels 225 and 230. All services continue via Roku, Android and iOS.

The service launched with access to French, Polish, Greek and Turkish channels as one of the first of a new range of streamed channels launched by Connect TV for viewers with compatible Freeview HD devices. Later, the Turkish package was dropped. In August 2012, a second portal was opened with access to Middle Eastern channels. The Arabic portal was taken off air for several months following licensing issues with Ofcom, before returning in 2013.


  1. Quote: "Unfortunately, we have not been able to agree new terms which are commercially viable."
    Only having 3 subscribers was not making ends meet then ?

  2. I had high hopes for Vision TV. In my opinion, they need to expand into english speaking channels from other countries. I for one, would have subscribed if they had say Australian TV channels.

  3. Exactly.. You need something popular to support the niche stuff..
    Vision TV is just totally niche.

    They either don't understand, or they just cannot reach an agreement to bring in popular services..

    First rule of any business - know your market.


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