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Price Drop becomes Best of Bid

Shopping channel Price Drop has become the home of "Best of Bid", following on from Bid TV's recent rebrand to "Shop at Bid".

Price Drop branded programming continues during the day with the channel switching at 6pm to Best of Bid.

The changes come as operator sit-up Ltd faces a crucial meeting next week that could seal the fate of the channels. It has amassed an undisclosed amount of debt and is seeking to restructure the business.

sit-up Ltd is proposing to enter a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA), subject to the agreement of at least 75% of the company's creditors at a meeting on Tuesday 18th March.

Timeline: Price Drop


Channel known as

Channel became “Price Drop TV”
Arguably, the channel was at its height of popularity with presenters including Sarah Hendy.

Prices dropping in pounds and pence, instead of just pounds.

Channel loses Freeview slot

Channel gets new Freeview slot - but further down the channel listings.

Channel becomes “Price Drop”

Channel relaunches with a brand new set

14/03/2014 Channel becomes home of “best of bid” in the evenings


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  1. Anyone who brought from there would be happier to see it followed Ideal Shopping Group 09 policy, while it may still have 09x numbers there is now a reduced from £1.53 to 20p a minute.

    Shop with Bid (Bid) have insisted on air you now speak to a person (a sales assistant) They done away with automated shopping.

    Sit Up TV used to be (Speed Auction TV, Price Drop and Bid)

    Speed Auction before its demise was essentially 'Bid Plus'. Bid Plus being Recorded Teleshopping.

    Bid - Bid (Shop with Bid) have published whats new:

    New name is Shop at Bid
    Fixed priced products
    New on-air graphics
    New cheaper telephone number to order & item numbers (same 09x rate as Ideal Shopping)
    P&P will now vary from product to product
    One Day Special (in line with Ideal World and QVC)

    Price Drop that appears now and then - 'Price Drop from 07:45, 'Best of Bid from 1800-01:30' - This seems to suggest a timeshare. website is still live without the 'Best of Bid branding' unlike PriceDrop airing during the day it suggests will follow the old price dropping product cost format.

    Price Drop, call costs and customer ordering experience may changed - you have to see tomorrow morning!

    Best of Bid is recorded teleshopping 'Bid Plus style! and showing from a limited selection of products.
    Inline with Shop with Bid, Best With Bid have made changes including a fixed number with lower call costs and talking to a sales assistant.

  2. The normal Price Drop format is still on-air until 1800.

  3. That has been reflected in an update to the text. The channel now consists of Price Drop until 6pm, then Best of Bid - both treated as separate "channels", rather than just a strand of programmes or feature on Price Drop. The outcome of the coming week's CVA meeting will be interesting. I suspect Freeview carriage for both Bid and Price Drop will be under consideration as well, due to the high cost.

  4. Is it because of the ofcom investigation for ripping consumers off


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