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London is Live with Test Transmissions

Londoners can now tune their Freeview or YouView box to test transmissions from new local TV station London Live, which launches at the end of the this month.

The test transmissions, consisting of a preview loop, are being broadcast on Freeview channel 8 from the Crystal Palace transmitter via the Comux-operated local TV multiplex on UHF channel 29.

Temporary station Bonanza Bonanza, which shows vintage US drama and comedy on Freeview channel 64, also broadcasts via the local TV multiplex; viewers who have been able to tune into Bonanza Bonanza in London over the past few weeks will also receive London Live's tests.

London Live is part of the media group that includes the London Evening Standard, The Independent and the i Newspaper.

Last December, the channel announced that Gavin Ramjun, Claudia-Liza Armah, Louise Scodie and Marc Edwards will form the news presenting team on the channel.

For viewers who can already get Bonanza Bonanza and have a modern Freeview or Freeview HD device, tune into channel 64 for 10-20 seconds, and London Live's test signal will automatically be added to channel 8. This method works on many, but not all modern Freeview sets.

Otherwise, a manual tune of UHF channel 29 will fetch the local TV service.

It is not being broadcast from relay transmitters, and it does not have the same range outside of London as the national Freeview channels from Crystal Palace.

Satellite and cable
London Live will also be available in London via Sky channel 117 and Virgin Media channel 159; reports suggest that London Live has complained to Ofcom about Virgin Media's channel allocation, as it feels channel 159 is not prominent enough.

Update 16/03/2014: London Live's tests on Sky: via add other channels enter the following parameters: 
frequency 12.610
polarisation V,
symbol rate 22000,
FEC: 5/6.
Service name: "50892"
Currently available via the method to all Sky viewers in the UK. It is encrypted, so not available on Freesat.


  1. London Live complaining, I sure they prefer in there fantasies to have say 108 and give a nice shove to everything of everything else!

    Sky 117 is not really that bad (it could be worse - look towards Virgin Media 159 or Estuary TV in the 800s).

    With Sky could probably compaign for (but do not expect to get) that PSB has a need for a low EPG position and Sky following Virgin Media would be better treatment of 'Services with PSB'. Sky could give say 108 or 109 to please Comux! unless 6 or 7 was given to Local TV use on Free/Youview so 106/7 being the Sky/Virgin parity of 6/7.

    Virgin Media is more sensible within 106-108 on the EPG (BBC) then putting Sky Channels on 109-113!

    The 'Comux Collective' do have a real reason to complain about Virgin Media with 159 as lower numbers are free such as 119-120 that Virgin Media have reserved for probably Sky Atlantic - if they ever agree a deal.

    Virgin should really give 108 or 109 for Local Use to match 8/108 or "the highest none current PSB slot" (109). BBC One HD could suit 161 well really as 162-164 is the BBC HD Genre. Alba (161) can be bumped further! BBC One +1 should not be given EPG preference (use iPlayer!)

    I think its right that bodies should be set up to harmonise numbers with Freesat and Freeview in the long term should harmonise EPG numbers (on Freeview regardless how they distributed)

    In the long term Youview (BT TV and Talk Talk), Sky and Virgin Media should harmonise Paid Entries EPG Numbers!


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