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Extra Freeview HD channels arrive in East Midlands, Somerset and Tyneside

Viewers in the East Midlands, Somerset and Tyneside will soon be able to receive additional Freeview HD channels in their area.

Those who can already receive Freeview HD channels 101-105 and can receive services from the Waltham (East Midlands), Mendip (Somerset) transmitters or Pontop Pike (Tyneside) will gain access to BBC Four HD, CBeebies HD, BBC News HD and Al Jazeera English HD as well as standard definition Al Jazeera Arabic.

When to retune to get the extra HD channels:
Viewers in the East Midlands and around Tyneside with a Freeview HD device should retune on the 25th March 2014; viewers in Somerset on the 1st April 2014. The extra channels will not be carried on relay transmitters.

Some viewers in these areas have already reported reception of the extra Freeview HD channels from other transmitters in neighbouring regions. The switch-on of additional transmitters  is part of a plan to offer extra Freeview HD channels to 70% of UK households by mid-June.

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  1. According to digital UK website Pontop Pike is also getting the additional HD channels on the 25th March

    1. Many thanks, and article updated accordingly.

  2. "The extra channels will not be carried on relay transmitters."

    Bristol and Nottingham is not fully covered by the main transmitters as Bristol Ilchester Cr. Bristol Kings Weston and Nottingham exist for Urban Areas so expect many to actually be on Relay but with the PSB HD and the Full Freeview SD Service (relays often are Freeview Lite). Part of Tyneside may include urban areas and as it is not my neck of the woods like Bristol and Nottingham you may not necessary guarantee reception as you may be on a relay (even if like Bristol - Full Freeview SD).

    Relays will not get COM7 or COM8.

    In Bristol, people should also try the COM7 frequency from Wenvoe as even in South Bristol (BS3 4xx) Wenvoe is reportly an reasonable option (subject to direction, and ultimately not being at the bottom of a hill)!

    I can not get Wenvoe on my setup as I do not have a Roof Aerial despite on a near top of one of Bristol many hills (facing Clifton and Wales) as with Inside Aerials with Bristol Ilchester inside though neighbours with Roof Aerials can get both Bristol Ilcester Cr. and Mendip (plus probably Wenvoe if aimed at the direction)

    It is a shame that Bristol (2 Full Service Relays of Mendip) and Nottingham (NG16) have not been given special compensation when Basinstoke, Derby, Edinburgh, Leicester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Stoke on Trent are served by multiple COM7 and COM8 transmitters even if surely there be some that may unluckily on relays getting the Bristol and Nottingham treatment!


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