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Bid channels tell Freeview viewers to retune on 31st March

The Bid Shopping channels have been running adverts advising Freeview viewers to retune their Freeview box next week.

The advert advises viewers to retune from the afternoon of Monday 31st March to continue watching "their channels" - Shop at Bid (bid tv), Price Drop and Best of Bid.

According to the advert, the changes are part of their 'continued improvement plan'. No further details about the scope of the changes have been provided, which affect Freeview and YouView viewers only.

Digital UK - the digital terrestrial TV platform manager, with responsibility of Freeview's channel numbering system - has updated its listings to indicate that bid tv is no longer available in Wales on Freeview.

The channel's debt-ridden operator sit-up Ltd was saved earlier this month when almost all of its creditors agreed to a Company Voluntary Agreement to restructure its debt.

Under new ownership, bid tv has become "Shop at Bid", while Price Drop has been split. Daytimes remain under the Price Drop branding. From 6pm "Best of Bid" takes over, and is being treated as a separate channel, which remains on air until the early hours of the morning. As part of the changes, Shop at Bid and Best of Bid have ditched their high rate phone number and falling price auctions.

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