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Bid and Price Drop change Freeview multiplexes paving way for CBS Reality

There’s been an update to this story since this article was first published. It’s been left here for reference purposes.

Shopping channels Bid and Price drop have today changed frequencies on Freeview with new channel CBS Reality preparing to launch using bid's vacated bandwidth.

Viewers will need to retune, but only viewers with Freeview HD or YouView equipment who can already get BBC Four HD will be able to continue receiving Price Drop on channel 37.

The changes follow recent financial difficulties for shopping channel operator sit-up Ltd and is expected to reduce Freeview carriage costs for Bid and Price Drop. Bid had recently been withdrawn from Freeview in Wales. Today's changes will restore the service to the principality.
  • Bid - retains channel 23. Changed multiplex/frequency. Retune to continue watching. (Broadcast hours 0800-0000)
  • Price Drop - retains channel 37. Changed multiplex/frequency. Only available in areas where BBC Four HD is available on channel 106.
  • CBS Reality - new on channel 66. Retune in order to access the channel when it launches on Freeview.
  • Xpanded TV - new adult channel on channel 182. Retune to watch. 

The old version of bid with a message advising viewers to retune has been moved to channel 791, although it may still appear on channel 23 if viewers haven't retuned.

In detail
Bid has moved to Price Drop's old bandwidth on the Arqiva owned COM5 multiplex, but retained its position on the EPG on channel 23. Price Drop has moved to new Freeview multiplex COM7.

CBS Reality has appeared on the SDN multiplex, appearing to be taking over bid's vacated bandwidth. It has been assigned Freeview channel 66.

The assignment of channel 66 to CBS Reality indicates another channel is waiting to launch on channel 65. According to Freeview platform manager Digital UK, once channel 65 is allocated, a reshuffle of children's and news channels to channels 121 upward is due to be triggered.

Digital UK told a516digital this afternoon:"We are in discussions with broadcasters to determine the best possible date for the move. Watch this space."

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updated 18:22 and 01/04/2014 00:28 with details of bid's new Freeview broadcast hours


  1. I've got a TVonics dvb-t box and after a retune I'm still getting Price Drop on channel 791 (the same content as being streamed over the internet.)

    Can I assume that as of tomorrow (Tuesday) that channel 791 will disappear?

    It hardly seems worth buying a dvb-t2 box for just one sd channel (Al Jazeera Arabic is of no use to me as I don't speak that language) unless Com7 is going to be used for a lot more sd programming.

    Do we know what the plan is for Com7?


    1. Well, there is also BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News Channel HD and Al Jazeera English HD on Com 7, having SD channels on Com7 was not (in my view) expected to happen as the idea was to push Freeview HD with Com7 and eventually Com8.

    2. Since Colin made his comment, the "price drop" stream is now showing "[shop at] bid". Price drop / best of bid can now only be seen if you have a Freeview HD device.

    3. Had a look and I still don't have any EPG data on "Price Drop" and this was after a return this afternoon, is this normal at present?

    4. Yes. No EPG on the "new" price drop stream. The "new" bid tv stream was showing "price drop" EPG info when I last checked.

    5. Steven Jones - BBC Three HD is not on COM7


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