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BBC Trust expects public consultation to take place over BBC Three/BBC One+1 plans

With the final decision on BBC Three's fate now in the hands of the BBC Trust, the Trust has released a statement promising to listen to licence fee payers and expects to conduct a public consultation on the changes proposed by the BBC's senior management.

The BBC Trust said this morning:  "Any major changes to existing BBC services require approval from the Trust. In this case, we expect to conduct a public value test, including a public consultation, so licence fee payers will have the opportunity to have their say in the process.

Outlining how the process works, the BBC Trust's statement explained:

"When the Executive Board proposes significant changes to the UK public services, the Trust, in its regulatory role, must subject them to full and public scrutiny through a Public Value Test (PVT).
A Public Value Test has four stages:
  1. An assessment of the likely public value of the proposal, carried out by the Trust
  2. A market impact assessment, carried out by Ofcom, which assesses the extent of any likely impact on markets relevant to the proposed change
  3. The Trust considers and publishes the outcome of both assessments, and reaches provisional conclusions regarding the proposed change
  4. The Trust consults on the provisional conclusions before reaching a final conclusion on the proposed change."


  1. So finally Hall's BBC One +1 true intentions is coming clean with how he can give BBC One +1 a position that not stuck with the potential bundling it with BonazaBonaza on say 65!

    BBC Three prime EPG Positions are the incentive as well as the Youth having less clout in an old guard mentality of bosses. Everyone should be reminded that if BBC Three is closed and more importantly BBC One +1 is allowed to commence that it not be the only BBC +1 and something will have to go to position i.e. BBC Two +1

    There is absolute no need for BBC One +1 so if the BBC Trust takes time to not be sniffing Glue they may realise that.

    The under 34s and particular the 13-19 group have been squeezed and ignored time after time by mainly the actions imposed by those older then them. First there was CBBC which was narrow focused away from the 11-16s then BBC Switch then told to go elsewhere (T4) then later that gets canned.

    Keep up with how C Beebies and CBBC is ran as it could be seen that those under 11 is being peer pressured and groomed into what could be seen as materialism and the ownership of a tablet and mobile at younger and younger age.

    BBC Four and the Children channels when it comes to the plans for a BBC Two +1 to complement BBC One +1 the Director General (Mr Hall) will look for prime spots that could be sacrificed!

    BBC Three going online might be a precursor for CBeebies and CBBC Tech Savy to follow!

    Those who want to watch Eastenders or Bargain Hunt a 1 hour later should use your PVR or watch on demand through iPlayer!

    £30 Million more for BBC 1 at the demise of BBC Three (and the Youth Audience) is stupidity and they already have over £1 billion being spent so should make a few savings there first and if they got people demanding extortive wages without compromising refuse to pay them more or better SACK a couple overpaid employees or execs.

    If the BBC Trust accepts BBC Three to go online, half of what BBC One going to steal and ultimately waste (£15m) should go to an BBC Switch Online Channel for 11-19 year olds. The BBC Kids (Canada) Schedule would be a good starting idea for BBC Switch. The remaining half of BBC One gains should staying in a smaller BBC3 budget that is £15m more than what DG Hall proposes.

    E4 should be approached with running programming blocks similar to the BBC blocks on S4C (reduction of advertising during BBC produced content). BBC produces and commissions the PBS content such as Youth Parliament and Politics, Current Affairs and Niche Programming such as Being Human and Our War etc that likes of Channel 4 and ITV would normally would not care two hoots about though E4 should be made to broadcast it!

  2. Away from my own and most of BBC Three core audience (mainly young persons) views the online pseudonym 'Media Boy' makes a decent post and worthly a read ( of his views that includes BBC One +1 and Local TV potential gainers from a lost of BBC Three. Local TV may be the ultimate winners in this (LCN 7) and we know already that please several MSPs and Welsh AMs as they debated having a poor channel number!

    BBC One +1 it seems on Freeview will be a part time 8pm to about 3am channel but elsewhere it could broadcast longer such like Channel 5 +24 has to show extra neighbours, Home and Away and a film at intervals during the day to keep being Entertainment Genre (more applicable to Sky demands but the benefits is that Channel 5+24 has two schedules - 1 for short for Freeview and another for Virgin, Sky and Freesat!


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