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Storm affects UK TV and radio reception

The latest in a series of winter storms continues to affect TV and radio reception in the UK.

Some TV and radio transmitters, particularly in Wales and parts of the Midlands have been off-air due to local power failures and strong winds, which peaked at over 100mph in NW Wales.

Some DAB digital radio multiplexes were out in a number of locations during the past 24 hours including services broadcast from masts at Sandale (Cumbria), Moel Y Parc (NE Wales), Preseli (Pembrokeshire), plus Abergavenny and Monmouth in SE Wales.

In Ludlow, Freeview and FM radio services were knocked off air from the local relay. The Skelmersdale Freeview transmitter went down just after 6:15pm.

Numerous smaller relay sites have seen intermittent loss of service. The BBC is advising viewers and listeners that they can "check the status of the transmitter serving your location, by using our diagnostic tool at . This tool will indicate any current issues which have been reported for BBC TV/Radio transmitters in your location."

Some reception problems via Freeview will be caused by local factors such as water damage to cables or misalignment of aerials by the wind. Viewers are advised to wait until the weather improves before attempting to assess and repair damage.

Satellite viewers are also having difficulties. Sky issued a statement earlier this week saying: "Due to current weather conditions in parts of the country, some of our customers may be experiencing issues with No Satellite Signal. In most cases your picture will return once the weather clears, but if it doesn’t, you can try our No Satellite Signal Diagnostics Tool to resolve the issue."

Virgin Media has meanwhile been running adverts in the national press highlighting that its service is unaffected by weather conditions. How its cable network will fare in flooded areas remains to be fully seen.


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