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ITV to launch new Freeview channel for the ladies

ITV is to expand its free-to-air family of channels with the launch of ITVBe later this year, featuring the best entertaining lifestyle and reality programming from the UK and the US.

From launch, ITVBe will become the exclusive home of ITV’s award winning series, The Only Way is Essex. The new channel, which is likely to appeal to a younger, female audience, will also feature acquired content, including the US Real Housewives franchise, which currently airs in daytime on ITV2.

ITVBe, which will launch towards the end of the year, will be wholly funded by advertising and sponsorship, and will be available free on all the major broadcasting platforms, including Freeview, Sky and Virgin.

The announcement comes weeks after the broadcaster confimed plans to re-enter the pay TV market with ITV Encore on Sky.

In recent weeks, ITV has been bagging slots on Freeview with timeshift versions of itv3+1 and itv4+1, the latter only on-air for two hours a day from 4am. Launching +1 channels for a few hours a day is a common tactic to secure and keep a more advantageous channel number on the digital terrestrial TV platform.

The Freeview version of the channel will also be available to YouView users.

ITVBe will complement ITV2. The multi-award winning comedy Plebs, the second series of The Job Lot starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Hadland, and the hit panel show Celebrity Juice will air later this year on ITV2, alongside new comedy, drama and entertainment, acquired and commissioned, as well as other shows aimed at 16-34s from new genres, such as Release The Hounds.


launched 7th December 1998
launched 1st November 2004

launched 1st November 2005

launched 11th March 2006


launching later in 2014

ITV Encore
A pay TV channel on Sky – launching 2015 9th June 2014.


  1. ITV1 daytime is already full of woman’s programming with Good Morning, Loose Women, Alan Tichmarsh and Jeremy Kyle. Does this mean ITV might actually put some decent programming on ITV1 daytime? Probably not as this would cost money!


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