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Discovery takes Six Nations Rugby to Italy with UK's Simplestream

Discovery's march into the world of sports coverage stepped up a notch in Italy this weekend.

There, Discovery's DMAX Italia channel is hosting live coverage of the RBS Six Nations Rugby.

Simplestream, the UK-based provider of multi-platform live streaming and catch-up TV services to broadcast and media companies, was selected by Discovery Communications to stream the sporting event, which started with Wales playing Italy at the Millennium Stadium.

Discovery recently announced that they have signed a four-year deal exclusively acquiring sports rights to broadcast across TV, online and mobile platforms in Italy.

Dan Finch, Director of Simplestream commented, "We are delighted to have been selected by Discovery to provide the simulcast service for such a prestigious event such as the RBS Six Nations. We have proven that our technology is robust for the biggest broadcasters and we look forward to being Discovery's technical provider across any of their OTT requirements."

The launch of Six Nations Rugby on DMAX Italia comes weeks after Discovery announced it was taking control of Eurosport, by increasing its stake in the pan-European sports broadcaster to 51%, as it looks to expand and acquire further sports rights amidst strong competition from Sky Sports and BT in the UK market.

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