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Discovery Communications launches timeshift on new second Freeview slot

Discovery Communications is now in control of a second slot on the UK's digital terrestrial television platform, the home of Freeview.

The media group, who already operates Quest on Freeview channel 38 via the SDN multiplex, has now taken a slot from multiplex operator Arqiva, on multiplex COM5.

The slot is being used to broadcast a timeshift edition of Quest. Quest+1 is available on Freeview channel 57, leapfrogging other channels on the platform due to it being associated with the existing Quest service on channel 38, in accordance with the Freeview channel numbering policy administered by Digital UK.

Discovery's long term plans for the new slot are still unknown. Quest launched after an initial delay in 2009 on the platform.

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  1. 48 and 50 are vacant UK Wide in better positions
    Knowing ITV trend to capitalise on opportunities to promote its channels so ITV4+1 (54) is due a promotion and it be to one of these!

    If ITV frees up 54 I would recommend Manchester Mux take the opportunity with Global Radio following 'associated status' that Discovery, ITV and Channel 4 have at one time all capitalise on.

  2. Typo - channel 37 should be 38


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