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DAB Updates: Smooth to be dropped from national DAB, further station removals confirmed

Smooth Radio will cease broadcasting on national DAB digital radio, following approval by Ofcom. The station, owned by Global Radio, looks set to be replaced by an as yet unnamed station with music from the 70s, 80s and early 90s.

The details were released as part of Ofcom's monthly radio licensing update. Smooth Radio is also available in London, the East and West Midlands, North West and North East on FM and local DAB multiplexes in those regions.

Radio Today reports that an announcement with regards the future of Real and Smooth Radio will be made on Thursday.

Ofcom has also approved the removal of Jack FM from Bournemouth's local DAB multiplex, Touch FM from the Coventry local DAB multiplex, but the addition of forthcoming new station Radio Yorkshire on the Yorkshire regional DAB multiplex.

Changes to the London DAB service last month were also rubber-stamped by the media regulator: the changes left the London 3 digital multiplex full of mono stations at the end of last month. Stations including Colourful, Desi and Rainbow Radio departed the platform.

In other DAB news, Sunrise Radio, which is available on DAB in some parts of the UK, has been bought by Lyca Media, according to BizAsia. At midday today, the on-air presenter was forced to bring her show to an abrupt end, with back-to-back music replacing normal output


  1. There's currently a blank carrier on Sunrise Radio on London 1 and on Kismat Radio (Sunrise Radio 3) on London 3.

  2. tlike see new radio freeview in london


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