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Channel 5+24 goes live with two different schedules

Channel 5's new station Channel 5+24 has gone live on all major digital TV platforms, but with two different daytime schedules, depending on which TV platform the channel is viewed on.

On Freeview and YouView, where it is available on channel 55, 5+24 is carrying teleshopping during the day, until at 7pm, when it begins showing Channel 5's programmes 24 hours later. The block of teleshopping ends with an hour of the "Holiday and Cruise Club" at 6pm.

On Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media, the channel breaks away from teleshopping between 3am and 6am, 10am and 1pm and again between 4pm and 7pm to show repeats of Neighbours, Home and Away and a made-for-TV movie, previously shown on the main Channel 5 service.

The Channel 5 website currently makes no mention of the enhanced daytime schedule on satellite and cable services on its TV guide page.

Rules dictating the amount of teleshopping allowed on channels located in Sky's Entertainment section of its Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) appear to be the reason for the differing schedules.

Channel 5+24 replaced 5*+1.


  1. Channel 5 + 24hrs should be just that, Channel 5 + 24hrs, but it doesn't appear to be. I have just tried to find a film that is on Channel 5 at 6.40pm on Sunday 23rd Feb, 24hrs later, ie 6.40pm on Monday 24th Feb, but it isn't there. What's going on? Is this channel + 24hrs or not?


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