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Birmingham's local TV rebranded City8 ahead of launch

The new local TV station for Birmingham will be called "City8", it has been announced today.

The station, operated by BLTV Ltd, was originally trading under the name "City TV Broadcasting". The name change was announced by the broadcaster on Twitter.

City8 will launch in 2014 on Freeview channel 8. The channel will broadcast local news, current affairs and business news. City8 will also have a schedule of local arts, entertainment and lifestyle programming and local sports programmes balanced with acquired, commissioned and advertiser-funded programming.

Birmingham UK local TV coverage area.
City8 coverage area map
The Comux local TV multiplex that will carry City8 to viewers in and around Birmingham is already live. Viewers in Birmingham can check to see if they will be in the coverage area of the new local channel by retuning their Freeview box and seeing if they can receive temporary channel "Bonanzabonanza" on channel 64.

For manual tuning purposes, the multiplex is currently being broadcast on UHF channel 51 from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter.

Additionally, the local TV service will also broadcast from the relay at Brierley Hill, serving Dudley on UHF channel 29.

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