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The Jewellery Channel goes 24 hours on Freeview with internet service

The Jewellery Channel is now available 24 hours a day to Freeview viewers, with a little help from the internet.

The shopping channel, which currently broadcasts on Freeview between 6am and midnight, struck a deal last year with Arqiva-owned Connect TV to make the channel available via the internet during its Freeview downtime.

Between midnight and 6am, the channel switches to internet-based broadcasting. During these hours, viewers with compatible devices can tune into The Jewellery Channel on Freeview channel 49, press red, and watch the channel streamed via broadband internet to their TV.

The red button prompt is not active during The Jewellery Channel's regular Freeview broadcast hours.

The Jewellery Channel is the second broadcaster to make use of Connect TV's service enabling Freeview viewers to access services even when they're not broadcasting via the terrestrial Freeview service. QVC Beauty on channel 35 offers a similar service, with the channel switching to internet delivery during its Freeview downtime.

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