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Samsung Smart TVs next for Connected Red Button

The BBC Connected Red Button has now been rolled out to Samsung Freeview HD smart TVs, paving the way for more viewers to enjoy extra coverage of news, sports and cultural events via the Red Button.

The BBC's Media Centre also confirmed the launch of the service on Sony Smart TVs, although as reported here and on the BBC's Internet blog last month, BBC Connected Red Button already arrived on selected Sony Smart TVs in December.

Currently, viewers with compatible devices will be able to choose between the original BBC Red Button service and the new Connected Red Button service - still currently in beta testing stage. The service is available via the standard definition BBC channels on Freeview during their regular broadcast hours. Virgin Media customers can also access the service via TiVo.

Viewers without compatible devices will continue to see the original BBC Red Button service.

Further roll-out
LG Smart TVs will follow next, although there's no word as yet as to whether it will be added in time for the Winter Olympics, when the BBC will broadcast six streams of content from Sochi via the new service.

Connected Red Button is also scheduled to be rolled-out on Freesat Freetime boxes at some point, but there are no plans to launch the service on Sky, due to what the BBC states are "technical restrictions beyond the BBC's control." In reality, it is because the current generation of Sky boxes do not have the specifications to support the latest generation of Smart TV applications.

Older Smart TVs will also not be retrospectively upgraded to handle the Connected Red Button. 

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