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Retune required for more Winter Olympic coverage on Freeview

Technical changes on Freeview have taken place today to allow the BBC to operate a second Red Button stream for the duration of the Winter Olympics, but viewers will need to retune to gain access to BBC RB 302.

Ofcom provided consent for the extra stream of Olympic coverage earlier in January.

Retuning and availability
Viewers with Freeview and YouView need to retune between now and the start of coverage from the Winter Olympics next week to add the extra stream to their channel line-up. BBC RB 302 will be available in all areas where Sky News, Dave and Challenge are available on Freeview.
Each Freeview receiver has different retuning mechanisms. Due to the way BBC RB 302 has been added, viewers should do a full retune, sometimes referred to as "first time installation". Viewers should not select "add channels" or "channel update". Full details about retuning can be found at  (Some Freeview devices may automatically add the channel, or put the service in the 800 channel range if the existing channel 302 has not been deleted/moved to channel 303.)

Viewers receiving a basic Freeview channel line-up from relay transmitters will not be able to access the service terrestrially, but additional coverage will be available via satellite, online and via the BBC Connected Red Button on selected Sony and Samsung smart TVs.

BBC RB 302 is expected to be on-air between 3rd and 24th February 2014.

Channel 303
The existing channel 302 has moved to channel 303. It is a placeholder service. For most of the year its job is to keep Freeview channel 302 reserved for BBC use. It's expected that the channel will soon carry a message advising viewers to retune for an extra stream of coverage from the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In addition to Winter Olympic coverage on BBC Two (HD) and BBC RB 301, a second stream of coverage will be available to around 90% of UK households, who receive a signal from a main transmitter site:
Is called:
BBC RB 302
(as at 27/01/2014)
"New service launching soon"
"BBC Red Button"
Broadcasting on the same frequency as Challenge, Dave and Sky News on Freeview.

(Some Freeview devices may automatically add the channel, or put the service in the 800 channel range if the existing channel 302 has not been deleted / moved to channel 303.)
Was channel 302.

NOTE: Will stay on channel 302 if the incorrect retuning method is used. Choose a “full rescan” or “first time installation“ instead of “add channel” or “channel update”.
The BBC confirmed last year that it would operate temporary "pop-up" Red Button streams for special sporting and music events where possible. It first operated a temporary extra Red Button  stream on Freeview during the 2012 Olympics and again during Wimbledon and Glastonbury 2013.

There is no guarantee that the BBC will be able to operate a temporary extra stream beyond the Winter Olympics, such as for the Commonwealth Games 2014 - it is taking advantage of Freeview capacity assigned to commercial broadcasters, which hasn't yet been taken up: the Freeview equivalent of a charity shop taking a short-term lease in an empty high street store.

To allow viewers to gain access to more in-depth coverage of major sporting events in the future, the BBC is rolling out its Connected Red Button service on Freeview Smart TVs. Already available on selected Sony and Samsung Smart TVs, the service will provide access to up to six streams of extra coverage delivered via broadband internet.

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