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Freeview channel number promotion for Community Channel

The Community Channel is moving genres on Freeview on Wednesday 29th January.

The channel, which is operated by Media Trust, is currently part of the news genre on channel 87. It's new home is on Freeview channel 63, part of the general entertainment genre. Its six-hour broadcast window on Freeview between 2am and 8am remains unchanged.

With its removal from Freeview's news genre (channel 80 upward), the channel is safe from platform operator Digital UK's plans to move news channels to channel 130-149, once the general entertainment genre (channels 1-69) shows signs of filling up, and channel 65 is allocated.  With the imminent addition of two new channels on the local TV multiplex, this change may happen sooner rather than later.


  1. One of 'National' additions on the Local TV Multiplex has put it in the public domain that placeholder for 64 is Bonanza Bonanza

    Its apart of the next stage of tests!


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