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Kerrang leaves Aberdeen; New Yorkshire Station gets licence - DAB digital radio news

Ofcom has approved the withdrawal of Kerrang Radio from the Aberdeen local DAB digital radio multiplex.

The regulator confirmed the move in the latest Radio Broadcast Update for December 2013, published today. The closure of Kerrang Radio in the Aberdeen ends a year which has seen coverage for the station reduce further, following owner Bauer Media's takeover of Planet Rock and Absolute Radio.

In line with other areas where Kerrang has been available on DAB digital radio, the station was in mono. Its Freeview channel is now the primary terrestrial distibution method for the station - for the time being.

In other news, a new licence for a digital radio service has been awarded to Radio Yorkshire, which promises to be a "service for Yorkshire focusing particularly on West Yorkshire. Broadcasting 24 hours a day programmes containing local news and sport, sports news, sports commentary, local information and music."

The station is backed by ex-Leeds United chairman Ken Bates and is based just over the road from Leeds United's Elland Road site. He originally set up Yorkshire Radio on DAB, which, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post, was abruptly closed down less than a week after Mr Bates' removal as Leeds Utd president in July. 

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