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ITV launches ITV3 primetime timeshift

ITV has today launched a new primetime window for timeshift channel itv3+1 on Freeview channel 34.

Using capacity previously assigned to ITV/JML joint venture The Store, itv3+1 now broadcasts between 6pm and midnight on Freeview.

Freeview and YouView viewers will now be able to watch shows including Murder, She Wrote, Poirot and Midsomer Murders an hour later on itv3+1.

itv3+1 first appeared on Freeview on the 15th October as a placeholder channel, broadcasting a timeshift of ITV3's teleshopping strand during the early hours, in order to secure a slot on the digital terrestrial television platform. It initially launched on channel 63 before moving to channel 34 following the demise of Top Up TV.

The Store is now available on channel 39 from 0000-0400, with the majority of its Freeview broadcast hours now given over to gambling. Only one hour of actual teleshopping content remains. The Store continues in its usual format on Sky and Freesat.

Meanwhile, ITV has added itv4+1 to Freeview channel 54. Following in the footsteps of itv3+1, it will broadcast between 0400-0600 and is also thought to be holding a slot on Freeview for the broadcaster. Under the rules governing Freeview channel number allocations, itv4+1 will be entitled to leapfrog other channels if a higher ranking slot becomes available in the future.

UKTV has done the same with timeshift Dave Ja Vu, which in the past was used to hold a slot for the channel which became "Drama" and to retain Freeview channel 25 for future use by the company.

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  1. Did A Retune Today, ITV4+1 Now On Ch 54

  2. Wish these channels were available on Freeview Lite, let alone +1 channels. Can't even get UKTV channels on Freesat


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