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Fire Hit TV goes on-air in Manchester on Freeview

Fire Hit TV
Fire Hit TV has finally launched on Freeview in the Manchester area today.

After several months of delays, the music channel is now live on Freeview channel 60 on the Manchester Television Network - a bundle of extra channels including Capital TV and Movies4Men for viewers in the Manchester area.

Fire Hit TV was originally due to launch on the 2nd August 2013, but technical issues appear to have kept the channel off-air until now, with viewers in the Manchester area often reporting a blue screen on Freeview channel 60 in recent months.

In a message on Twitter, Fire Hit TV confirmed it is broadcasting between 8am and 3am all this week. Allan Lake will be on the station Monday to Friday from 4pm to 6pm. The channel will broadcast local news from February.

Fire Hit TV is operated by Dorset-based Triple Broadcast, who also own Bournemouth's Fire Radio.


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