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Comux acquires two Ofcom licences

Local TV multiplex operator Comux has acquired two Ofcom licences for broadcasting on digital terrestrial television.

According to this morning's update from Ofcom, the multiplex operator has acquired a licence for "ABC Shopping" and "Bonanza Bonanza", a general entertainment channel.

While there has not been any confirmation as to what these channels will actually be, it's anticipated that these services will take the two slots on the local TV multiplex reserved for quasi-national TV services.

In previous years, Canis Media, who created Comux, has operated a "Bonanza" channel on satellite as a placeholder service until another channel was ready to take over the slot.

  • Meanwhile, local TV test transmissions have been spotted from the Waltham transmitter, serving parts of Nottingham and The Fens, toward Spalding. Notts TV will soon launch via this transmitter and a secondary transmitter site off junction 26 of the M1. Viewers receiving Freeview from Waltham in Derby and Leicester will not be able to receive the local TV service, as the service is restricted in a westerly direction so as not to interfere with digital TV from The Wrekin in Shropshire.

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  1. On Sky Bonanza Was Replaced By Movies24, So Will Be Interested To See What Will
    launch On Freeview

  2. local TV test transmission has now launch in Scotland in the Blackhill area on Channels 791 and 792 called 'Local TV Test'

  3. cowboy channel film channel Bonanza channel good see freeview in london

  4. local tv licence for newcastle was awarded in dec 2012, test transmissions have yet to start from Pontop Pike, yet glasgow, london and leeds who were awarded their licences after newcastle seem to be getting they local tv signals before the north east. Made tv and comux seem to be keeping it a state secret. Any idea when pontop to start testing as the ofcom list of start dates is now incorrect?

  5. how long Bonanza channel in London wat date channel 64 freeview

  6. @pontop405 Newcastle launchiung in May/June 2014


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