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Ofcom confirms two DAB removals and one new addition

Ofcom has approved the removal of two stations from the Humberside DAB multiplex. 

In its latest Radio Broadcast Update, the regulator confirmed that Lincs FM and Gold would no longer need to be broadcast on the local DAB multiplex that broadcasts from transmitters at Cave Wold, Bridlington and Grimsby.

Meanwhile, a new DAB station was licenced for the new local DAB service launching in Surrey this month: Redstone Community Broadcasting Ltd was licenced to broadcast a "locally run DAB radio station with studios in Redhill, providing a music, local news and entertainment service to listeners across Surrey and North Sussex.

"The core audience profile will be aged 35-55 during the day, with youth based programmes during weekday evenings. Music will be familiar songs from the 1960’s to the present with a rock and indi-rock flavour."


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