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Box TV goes Mobile with Music TV App

Box TV, the music TV joint venture between Bauer Media and Channel 4, has launched The Box+, a new mobile app allowing viewers to access their free-to-view channels on the go.

The app, available from Google Play and Apple's App Store allows viewers to stream 4Music, The Box, Kiss, Kerrang, Magic and Smash Hits to their mobile device. The new service ends a massive year of expansion for the Box TV channels, following their debut on Freesat and via a connected red button service on Freeview channel 18.

The Box+ app allows viewers to watch the channels as quickly and simply as possible. It features a number of functions to allow easy navigation along with a seven day EPG and the ability to set reminders to view programmes.

The homescreen showcases content from all seven channels as well as a ‘Now or Next’ EPG that gives an overview of the live programmes airing across the Box portfolio. The in-play sidebar provides quick-launch access to flick around the seven live streams and the app also includes a full seven-day TV guide for all channels that allows users to search for upcoming programmes and set a reminder to view. This then notifies the user 15 minutes before the programme airs offering a direct link to the show.

Matt Rennie, managing director at Box TV said:
“It’s clear to all that the way people consume music and TV is changing. We’re super excited to now extend Box TV’s offer onto mobile devices with some brilliant bespoke applications that mean our core 16-34 audience can continue watching our channels, wherever they are. We launched our red button portal and online player in May this year which has seen a great response. The Box+ app is the next natural evolution for our product.”

The Box+ was created by Simplestream, who also created Box TV’s successful online player in May. Dan Finch, Director of Simplestream said:
“We have really enjoyed working with Box TV over the last year by rolling out their online video live streaming services – they have always been ahead of the curve in their ambitions and we are delighted to now provide them with their native live streaming mobile applications for all seven channels, allowing The Box+ to deliver their channel portfolio to their core audience on iOS and Android devices.”


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